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Team Wear Solutions was introduced into the business world in much the same way Jennifer Riggs was—as the sister. In 2003, Jennifer started Team Wear Solutions under her brother’s company, Triple Play Sports. In 2006, as Jennifer’s family began to expand, so did Team Wear Solutions. The Riggs family bought Team Wear Solutions and brought it home. In fact, Jennifer’s most loyal and supportive customers undoubtedly remember Team Wear Solutions growing with Jennifer’s children, as she successfully maintained a business and a family from her own home. She was able to find ultimate fulfillment in her dual roles as mom and CEO of an ever-expanding lifestyle. 

Because her family is always a priority, Jennifer recognizes that your family is too. Jennifer’s involvement with her business, family activities, and hobbies has taught her the importance of looking great while feeling comfortable, confident, and ready to compete in any and every sport. Jennifer has enjoyed every stage of the Team Wear Solutions journey—from its infancy, to the days when she was running it with a toddler in toe, to today. Jennifer and the team are confident Team Wear has the solution—whatever your sports wear needs.

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